Why to consider a Winter Storage for your boat?

Sep 28, 2020 | Winter Storage

Winter storage is the best way to keep your boat safe. Usually, indoor storage is not an option — it’s either not available or not affordable. The choices come down to leaving it in its slip in the water or hauling the boat out and storing it on the hard. While storage in the water lets you enjoy your boat during warm days, keeping boats out of the water reduces drastically the chance of damage from a significant number of different causes.

The benefits of Winter Storage

  • Forget about the storm damages: Boats or yachts stored in the water are much more vulnerable to damage due to high winds, the rise and fall in water level, and torrential rains that come with strong winter storms.
  • Reduce blisters develop: Storage ashore may also be less expensive over the life of a boat because a hull that gets the chance to dry out for months each winter is less likely to develop blisters than a boat that remains in the water.
  • Avoid Sinking: The boats that are not regularly visited by their owners become vulnerable to the slow failure of a small underwater fitting that might appear.
  • Stop theft: Boats or yachts stored in patrolled or gated facilities are much less likely to be stolen. Always is recomendable to take home electronics.

Yachts that need Winter Storage

Recommendations to keep your boat safe from winter

Boats kept ashore must be winterized, and it must be done earlier than if they were in the water cause dropping temperatures would affect them sooner. Our claim files suggest that a boat is less likely to sustain damage if left for long periods of time on land rather than in the water. Since water retains heat longer than air, boats surrounded by air are more vulnerable to a freeze than boats surrounded by water.

Wherever you end up keeping your boat or yacht, if you do not plan to use it for a while, you need to winterize it. Then, when the meteorologist tells you to break out the long underwear, you can rest easy instead of making a mad dash for the boatyard.

Our Winter Storage services at PSB Marine

Are you looking for the best indoor storage facilities to store your boat during the winter season?
We at PSB Marine Service we can offer you the best winter storage service in Mallorca. We have our own 1,000 square meter indoor storage where your boat can be safe and secure during this period. Once the good weather is back, you can have your boat ready, so the only thing you will need to think about is to enjoy.

Winter Storage in Mallorca Winter Storage in Mallorca

It has been demonstrated that a proper winterization schedule lengthens your boat’s life and reduces significantly the amounts of repairs required. The safest way to maintain and to look after your boat during the winter is to store it and prevent it from loosing her market value. Once the good weather is back, you can have her ready, so the only thing you will need to think about is to enjoy.

Do not let winter take you by surprise and book your space with PSB Marine Service as soon as possible. Included in our storage service, we can also take care of collecting your boat from her berth and deliver her to the boatyard, lifting and store her. Your boat will be delivered back to you on the day that you have requested and completely ready to go.

All the storage services confirmed for a period of six months or  over, will receive a 5% discount applicable to the monthly storage rental cost.

Other services that we can offer:

  • Skipper service to collect and deliver your boat when requested.
  • Transportation from boatyard to storage facility.
  • To flush the engines with fresh water.
  • To clean and prepare the boat for the winter (store cushions, etc).
  • Carry out the necessary checks and prepare a check list with all the required works.
  • Deliver her back to the berth and carry out arrival cleaning.


Winter Storage in Mallorca

Winter Maintenance Service:

Having your boat out of the water gives you a great opportunity to carry out other maintenance works without incurring in extra cost. We at PSB Marine Service we can carry out the following services while the boat is stored:

  • Antifouling paint and anodes replacement
  • Electrical maintenance
  • Teak decking installations and repairs
  • Installation of stabilizers
  • Engineering works
  • Engines serviceIf you would like to receive a quotation or require further information, please do not hesitate on contacting us at info@psb-marine.com or call us on 971 234 522

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