State-of-the-art superyacht tender garages

Jun 5, 2023 | docking, superyachts, Yacht news

In a previous article, we talked about winter storage and why it’s important. Today, we are going to see how to take storage to an extreme. Carrying tenders is a common feature of almost every luxury yacht, yet it’s the way in which these vessels transport them that sets the average yachts apart from the truly remarkable ones, which are able to effortlessly stow and deploy their tenders with unparalleled ease and sophistication. Take a look at some of the finest examples from around the world, starting with Nebula, the largest toy carrier with a helideck and a custom catamaran.


Nebula, a remarkable support vessel built by Astilleros Armón and Incat Crowther, boasts an impressive design that prioritizes accommodating toys, tenders, and crew. The tender garage, situated below the helideck, is a veritable marvel, featuring a 12.3-meter custom catamaran – endearingly referred to as the “shadow kitten” by designer Kirsten Schwalgien – as well as two RIBs and four Jet Skis, all effortlessly deployed via beam cranes boasting an impressive 11-tonne lifting capacity. To reduce the vessel’s height to three meters while hoisted on the deck, the top hydraulically lowers. Moreover, Nebula also boasts a full-size helicopter hangar, which can accommodate an Airbus H145 and provides cover for the tender garage below – the largest such hangar onboard any private vessel. Take a quick exclusive look on board.


Octopus is a world-renowned superyacht built for the ultimate exploration experience. It boasts an impressive fleet of watercraft that make it a marvel on the water. At the heart of the vessel lies the cavernous two-storey 36-metre internal wet dock. This is where the two main tenders are kept, ready to be launched through a giant transom door. The floodable dock is like having your own marina, with rows of smaller garages to store all the other water toys. These include a 9.3-metre custom Vikal limousine and two 8.7-metre custom Zodiacs, one for diving and the other for guests. Additionally, there are two 5.8-metre Zodiac Milpro MK-V available for watersports, as well as an impressive array of WaveRunners, jet skis, kayaks, surfboards, wakeboards, kitesurfers, windsurfers, and electric foil Fliteboards. To complete the fleet, Octopus features an 18-metre Delta 54, 13-metre Hinckley, and a new Triton 3300/6 submersible. With such an extensive range of watercraft, guests can enjoy almost any water-based activity they can think of, making it the ultimate exploration vessel.

A yacht named Octopus that serves as storage for superyacht tenders


The Wider 165, also known as Cecilia, was a major milestone for Wider, taking their innovative approach to yacht design to a new level. The float-in tender garage of Cecilia is a sight to behold, big enough to accommodate not only an eight-meter tender but also a three-person U-Boat Worx submarine. This impressive feature was a hit at the Monaco Yacht Show, where Cecilia made her debut. The Jules Verne-esque manipulator hand of the submarine, clutching a bottle of Bollinger, was a testament to the imagination and innovation that went into the design of this yacht. Launching the submersible is a breeze, thanks to the sophisticated crane installed overhead. But that’s not all that sets Cecilia apart from other yachts. When the tender bay is flooded, and both the tender and submarine are out, the area is transformed into a saltwater pool, providing a luxurious and refreshing way to cool off on a hot day. The aft end of the yacht is closed up, and the superstructure folds down on either side to create a vast sunbathing area on the long stern platform. The pool area is surrounded by comfortable sun loungers and shaded seating areas, perfect for relaxing and enjoying the view. The innovative design of Cecilia truly raises the bar for luxury yacht design and is a testament to the creativity and vision of Wider’s team.

Seven Sins

Sanlorenzo’s Seven Sins, the first 52 Steel model, is a true masterpiece of modern yacht engineering and design. The vessel’s standout feature is undoubtedly the float-in tender garage that effortlessly transforms into a luxurious beach club. To achieve this engineering feat, Sanlorenzo’s team had to work with limited space, leading to meticulous planning, poring over plans and a plethora of engineering challenges that had to be overcome. The tender garage’s technical aspects were numerous, including the opening transom door, the docking tender garage, the up and down floor level, and the 12-tonne swimming pool that sits on top of a glass bottom. Not only is Seven Sins’ tender garage a technical marvel, but it also provides an elegant and spacious platform for water sports and activities. Once the water is pumped into the tender bay and the tender slips out, terraces open up to port and starboard, and a teak-soled section lowers from overhead, creating a large beach club. The club’s beauty is heightened by the light filtering down from the glass bottom of the pool above, creating a serene and tranquil atmosphere perfect for relaxation. The team of architects and engineers at Sanlorenzo had their work cut out for them, but their hard work paid off, resulting in a breathtaking yacht that boasts a unique and innovative tender garage/beach club feature. Seven Sins is a testament to Sanlorenzo’s commitment to excellence, engineering, and design. The vessel’s ability to effortlessly combine practicality, elegance, and luxury is a testament to the innovation that Sanlorenzo is known for.


Abeking & Rasmussen is a name synonymous with excellence in yacht building and they did not disappoint when it came to Aviva. The 98.4 metre vessel boasts an impressive interior designed by British design house RWD, which won the coveted Best Lifestyle Feature at the Boat International Design & Innovation Awards in 2018. However, it is not just the luxurious interior that makes Aviva stand out among the world’s superyachts. Aviva also houses a customised 14-metre Hunton XRS43 tender which is launched from a cradle in the garage via tracks over the bathing platform. This is not just any tender, but a true feat of engineering. Built to handle the toughest conditions, the tender can follow behind Aviva in challenging seas, and be lifted up as the yacht moves along. The launch and retrieval system is incredibly sophisticated, with hydraulic arms and sensors ensuring a smooth and safe launch every time. Beyond the Hunton XRS43, Aviva’s toy box is filled with all sorts of watercraft and watersports equipment, including two Sea-Doo personal watercraft, Seabobs, kayaks, stand-up paddleboards, and more. And for those who prefer to stay dry, there is a state-of-the-art cinema and an observation lounge with floor-to-ceiling windows that offer panoramic views of the surrounding seascape. Overall, Aviva is a masterpiece of yacht design, showcasing the perfect blend of luxury and adventure.

A yacht named Aviva that serves as storage for superyacht tenders


J’ade, the 58.2-metre CRN superyacht, is not only a sight to behold, but also an engineering marvel. With its transverse float-in tender dock designed specifically for an 8.24-metre Riva Iseo, J’ade is a testament to the innovative spirit of the CRN shipyard. The tender dock takes up almost the entire cross-section of the hull and contains around 5,000 gallons of water, making it the perfect spot to store and launch the Riva Iseo. Thanks to the engineers at CRN, the tender garage can be pumped out in less than three minutes, making it easy to access and launch the tender quickly and efficiently. To make this possible, the existing naval platform used for the shipyard’s 60-metre vessels had to be modified, and a study of the compartment’s effect on the ship’s trim had to be conducted to meet the classification requirements. Such attention to detail and commitment to excellence is what sets J’ade apart from other superyachts in its class. Not only is the tender garage practical and efficient, but it is also designed to protect the Riva Iseo from damage, with its very own tub. The underwater lights on the tender garage add a touch of dramatic effect to the whole experience. And let’s not forget the shell door on the port side that provides access to the tender garage from the water, making it even more convenient for launching and retrieving the tender. Overall, the transverse float-in tender dock on J’ade is an excellent example of how innovation and engineering can come together to create a seamless and luxurious experience for yacht owners and their guests.

Lady Fleur

Lady Fleur’s owners had a clear vision for their next build, one that would challenge the design team to create something truly exceptional. They wanted a yacht that was just 35 meters in length, but that would include a float-in tender garage and a swimming pool for their grandchildren. This was no easy feat, but the task ultimately fell to Bernd Weel Design and Holterman Shipyard, and it was on the first X-Treme Yachts X-105 model that this vision came to fruition. The engineering of the X-Treme Yachts X-105 is truly remarkable. This monohull can temporarily transform into a catamaran, at least for the aft third of the yacht. This is achieved by splitting the engine room into two watertight sections and building a compartment between them. When the tender is launched, the aft center section of the hull then lowers to allow the tender to float out or in. Once the tender is secured in the garage, the bay fills with seawater and rises to become a safe and secure 11-meter swimming pool that sits flush with the deck. The result is nothing short of remarkable. Lady Fleur’s unique features are both functional and visually stunning. When the yacht is at anchor, the swimming pool provides an incredible place for the owners and their grandchildren to relax and enjoy the water. When the tender is launched, the pool transforms back into a tender garage, and the yacht is once again ready to explore. These innovative features have not gone unnoticed. Demonstrations of the X-Treme Yachts X-105 at the Cannes Yachting Festival created traffic jams as curious onlookers stopped to marvel at the yacht’s unique capabilities. The features also earned Lady Fleur two gongs at the prestigious BOAT International Design & Innovation Awards in 2023, a testament to the ingenuity and creativity of the design team and shipyard.

A yacht named Lady Fleur that serves as a superyacht tender garage


Panam, the luxury yacht built by Baglietto, is equipped with state-of-the-art technology and innovative features that make it stand out in the market. One such feature is the garage that can accommodate a 5.5-meter tender, which is transversally fitted aft of the engine room. This smart design allows for maximum use of space without compromising on performance. The garage’s lower edge is placed below the waterline, ensuring that launching and retrieving the tender is a breeze. Baglietto has ensured that this operation is quick and efficient by designing the garage to fill with seawater before the shell door opens. The seawater immediately drains when the retrieving operation is complete, and the door is closed, ensuring that the tender remains safe and secure inside the garage. In addition to the efficient and safe tender handling, Panam boasts a winch and balancing cradle that ensures that the tender is towed inside with utmost precision. The innovative design allows the tender to enter the garage floating, making the embarkation process effortless and quick. This is particularly useful for guests who are eager to explore the waters and enjoy the yacht’s various amenities. The garage design is also partially floodable, which means that the tender can be stored in seawater, further increasing its protection and ensuring that it is in the best condition at all times. Overall, the transverse tender garage on Panam is an excellent example of how innovative design and engineering can enhance a yacht’s functionality and performance. With its smart design, quick and efficient tender handling, and partial floodability, the garage adds a new level of convenience and luxury to Panam, making it an ideal choice for those who want to explore the seas in style and comfort.

The future of superyacht tender garages is promising and exciting. With advancements in technology and design, superyacht owners and builders are exploring new ways to enhance the functionality and versatility of these spaces. One trend is the use of partially or fully floodable garages, which allow for easier and safer launching and retrieving of tenders. Another trend is the integration of multi-functional spaces, such as transforming tender garages into beach clubs or swimming pools. As superyachts continue to increase in size and complexity, the possibilities for innovative tender garage designs are endless.

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