Seakeeper recommended maintenance schedule

Jun 4, 2020 | Services

Our gyros are designed to require minimal maintenance since most of the critical components operate in a sealed enclosure, protected from the corrosive moisture involved in life on the water. Outside of the sphere, the closed loop hydraulic circuit and cooling circuit should be periodically inspected and serviced. For an outline of routine service, please consult the scheduled maintenance table found in the Operation Manual. boat can be safe and secure during this period. It has been demonstrated that a proper winterization schedule lengthens your boat’s life and reduces significantly the amounts of repairs required. The safest way to maintain and to look after your boat during the winter is to store it and prevent it from loosing her market value. Once the good weather is back, you can have her ready, so the only thing you will need to think about is to enjoy. Do not let winter take you by surprise and book your space with PSB Marine Service as soon as possible. Included in our storage service, we can also take care of collecting your boat from her berth and deliver her to the boatyard, lifting and store her. Your boat will be delivered back to you on the day that you have requested and completely ready to go.

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