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Apps can help us to improve our sailing.

Sep 24, 2020 | Sailing

Stress-free experience

Everyone wants to have a nice trip and enjoy the view, the landscapes and the experience on board.

To achieve that it is necessary to be sure that we have all we need on board and we need to know that the boat is ok. That’s why we always recommend checking twice your machine before starting a trip.

On board, we don’t want to worry about temperature, lights, media or closing sunroofs, hatches and doors. Our experience then depends on that kind of thing.

Actually we have many tools to feel safe and make sure that everything is ok. From Artificial Intelligence to many apps can help us enjoy a really good experience and, even that, can give us a new and sustainable way to do it.

If you are thinking about checking in your boat this autumn, maybe it is a really good opportunity to check out what is in the market that can help you to be more efficient and more environment-friendly. Also, that kind of solution could help you find new solutions that can make you feel safer and more comfortable.

How is your experience? Have you found that necessary app? If you want, we can help you find a new way to sail the ocean.

Check some of that many apps you can find out there, let us know which one do you like the most:

AyeTides for iOS

This popular app provides users with tables of daily and future tides and interactive graphs. The program does not require access to the Internet to operate; all the stations are available at a moment’s notice. There are NO in-app purchases nor any ads. AyeTides runs on the iPad as well as the iPhone.

Windfinder – Wind & Weather

Detailed information on wind, tides and weather forecast. Topographic maps and satellite images. £4.99. Available on Android and iOS.

Garmin ActiveCaptain

An app that works on mobile devices and connects to Garmin chartplotter, charts, maps, provides unlimited access to the user’s cartography. It also connects to the ActiveCaptain community to share information on routes.

Transas iSailor

Created for amateur boaters, Transas iSailor provides navigation information and electronic charts. It offers wind and tides forecast, information on marinas and routes, sailing guides and plenty more navigational features. Free to download, plus in app purchases. Available on Android and iOS.

Marine Traffic

Marine Traffic displays the locations of yachts and ships in quasi real time. £4.99 plus in app purchases costs. Available on iOS and Android.


Navigational charts, trip and route planning tools, real time tracking, weather and tides forecast, moon and sun times, live AIS vessel positions, marine vector charts and more. Available on iOS and Apple Watch. Free to download. In app purchases apply.

Buoy Zone

It is a mobile app which allows race officers to set exact courses and takes the guesswork out for support boats. The race officer plugs a course into the app, which is then shared with those in support boats to travel to a marked spot using Google maps.
The app is presently available only in New Zealand and Australia, with about 25-30 clubs already using it, but there are plans to eventually expand internationally.

Knot Guide

It is a step-by-step guide with instructions and plenty of knot types to choose from. Free. iOS and Android. With more than 100 knots and various categories.

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